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Maire Sogabe

Máire Sogabe

Cybersecurity & Compliance


I am a cyber security leader with extensive experience in technology delivery and governance, risk, and compliance in the Energy and FinTech Industries.

I am experienced at designing and implementing combined cyber security and physical security organizations to effectively manage risk and ensure compliance. I transform strategy and operations by leveraging data to influence action on what we protect and how we protect it.

I have led transformational programs to advance digital technologies, modernize the grid and enable next generation energy management and the Grid of Things (IoT). The technology solutions spanned digital mobility, geospatial technologies, cloud enablement, data & analytics, cyber security, and critical infrastructure protection. Before Cloud Computing was even a thing, I worked in FinTech on early SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS solutions.

I am passionate about driving and accelerating change and applying innovation strategies to energy and climate problems. I want to create sustainable, cleaner, and safer ways of meeting our energy needs.

I value diversity and the power of culture. I succeed when others succeed. I am a two-time energy hackathon winner. I am the founder of the PG&E Employee Innovation group. I am an eternal optimist who enjoys pulling the future forward.

I served as the President of the Irish Network Bay Area, a business networking organization in San Francisco, where I shared my passion for emerging technologies and entrepreneurship. I am keenly interested in Smart Cities, AI, Data Science, IoT, EVs and the electrification of transportation.

Máire Sogabe Sessions